CBRN Decontamination Expandable Container


CBRN Decontamination Expandable Container is a unique product designed against CBRN attacks which might cause serious damages in human life.
-This unit is desiged with Con-Tent technology which combines the advantages of container and tent.
-It can be installed in 30-60 minutes.
-People exposed to contamination can be disinfected in groups quickly.
-The system is designed in such a way as to ensure the purification of 2 pedestrians and 1 stretcher contaminated person at the same time. -36 people can be decontaminated per hour; this number can increase up to 72 patients per hour serial use.
-It has a solid structure thanks to the container in the center and the profiles inside the tent.

This project was formed by the invaluable support of TUBITAK.