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Since 1997, TURMAKS has completed impactful healthcare projects worldwide, spanning Turkiye, Azerbaijan, Darfur, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana and Maldives.

TURMAKS is a company specialized in the planning, design and execution of medical and related turnkey projects throughout the globe - with a particular focus on fast support hospitals, mobile field hospitals (Level-2, Level-2+, Level 3) and trailer clinics along with all types of stationary hospitals.

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This is the most common, optimized version of field hospitals in terms of capacity, medical capabilities for mid term use, with easy deployment. See Detail >>
It is designed to be deployed in a short period of time. It has basic diagnostical and surgical capabilities with necessary inpatient capacity. To achieve that it is composed of autolift expandable containers and inflatable tents. See Detail >>
Level 1 clinics are suitable for first aid and stabilization of the patients. Due to their smaller size, they are easy to deploy. See Detail >>
This is a very fast solution to meet the emergency surgical needs. Needing only one truck for transport, it consist of an auto-lift expandable container, a trailer and an inflatable tent. See Detail >>
It is a very mobile stand-alone solution with a trailer attached on a truck. Having a standard width but length can vary 6 meters to 13.50 meters. The expanding rooms can be adapted in order to increase capacity. More than one trailers can be designed to be used as a set. See Detail >>

This is a very similar solution to commonly known prefabricated buildings. Difference comes from Turmaks’ expertise in hospital.

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Turmaks was founded as a construction company and that comes in prominance in hospital projects or other construction.

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Other than offered standard solutions Turmaks can manufacture turn-key systems according to special conditions. See Detail >>

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