Portfolio Categories: Field Clinic-Level 1/1+

Portfolio Categories: Field Clinic-Level 1/1+

Maldives, Emergency Clinic

Customer VVIP (GCC Country) Beneficiary VVIP (GCC Country) ABOUT Turmaks VVIP clinic has been designed, manufactured and deployed in total 23 days in Maldives. One

Niger, Iqarus, Bel AF, Mobile Clinic

Customer Iqarus Beneficiary Bel AF ABOUT Production completed, shipped and clinic was deployed in Niger in collaboration with Iqarus for Bel AF. The clinic consists

Türkiye, Adıyaman, Level 1 Field Clinic

Customer Rotary Internatonal Beneficiary Türkiye, Ministry of Halth   ABOUT Turmaks has delivered a mobile hospital to the earthquake-stricken region in Adıyaman, Turkey. The clinic

Maraş Türkiye, Level-1 Field Clinic

Client Turmaks  Beneficiary Turkiye, Ministry of Health ABOUT Turmaks set up Level 1 field clinic in Türkiye’s Kahramanmaras region, the epicenter of the powerful Feb.

Field Clinic-Level 1/1+

ABOUT Level 1 clinics are suitable for first aid and stabilization of the patients. Due to their smaller size, they are easy to deploy. PROJECTS