The type of training given by Turmaks is hands-on training with actual equipment. So, the team have the chance of learning the system in field by trying themselves, not only in classrooms. All members are given printed instructions and also related videos about the equipment.

That hands-on training is given during the test period. The best way is deploying one hospital/system in a proper place, so that the team members experience their systems in action.

The suggestion for the deployment and operating team for mid-size systems consists of 2 officers, 12 staff and expert personnel (Number of expert personnel are decided by beneficiary).

There should be two officer choosen -One technical & one medical- to handle all the information in their expertise areas. For example, technical officer is given information about expansion, autolift systems, inflatable tent, generator, water treatment etc. and medical officer is given information about medical equipments.

All documents related will be handed in English and if possible in their native language. The officers are not expected to know every detail but oversee all the systems conditions and main features. When needed they contact with experts.

All medical personnel are trained specially on their equipment. For some of the medical equipment, seperate medical technician experts join as trainers from the manufacturer companies. The training schedule are decided to have enough time for each personnel.