Field hospitals are temporary and mobile health units established to provide on-site treatment for patients or the injured who require urgent medical intervention in safe areas. These hospitals ensure the uninterrupted continuation of healthcare services during emergencies such as wars, epidemics, or natural disasters.

Turmaks’ Innovative Solutions in Field Hospitals

Turmaks is a pioneering company that produces region-specific field hospitals worldwide. As a leader in the establishment of Role-1 and Role-2 field hospitals, Turmaks collaborates with international organizations, including the United Nations, to set up state-of-the-art and modern field hospitals in regions like Africa, South America, and Asia. In Turkey, Turmaks is particularly known for its rapidly deployable field hospitals in earthquake-prone areas.

Turmaks stands out with its innovative solutions in field hospitals. These hospitals, notable for their quick setup and fully equipped structures, provide all the equipment and medical devices needed by healthcare personnel, adhering to the highest quality standards. This ensures the provision of effective and swift healthcare services during emergencies. Additionally, Turmaks’ field hospitals are designed with modular structures, allowing them to be easily expanded and adapted to different needs.

Turmaks’ innovative field hospitals not only offer the opportunity for rapid and effective intervention but also provide ideal solutions for the safety and comfort of patients and healthcare personnel. Equipped with modern medical devices and equipment, these hospitals aim to maintain the highest quality of healthcare services. With this innovative approach in field hospitals, Turmaks continues to be an indispensable part of emergency healthcare services worldwide.