In the novel type (SWABMAX) test, by means of the new enzymatic technology we use, we straightly destroy the protein in biological secretions and mucoid protein barriers showing false negativity and the lipid protein capsid of the virus. By means of our novel chemical technology (SWABMAX), the virus inactivation and RNA isolation are performed simultaneously on the enzymatic inactivation continues during transfer. Thus, the processing time is reduced by ¼. On the other hand, since the virus stabilization is eliminated until RNA is isolated (8-10 hours), the possible contaminations during this period are prevented. On the other hand, it is possible to protect the sample for up to 12 days after sampling due to prolong the inactive RNA stabilization by means of the novel chemical reagent system (SWABMAX).

• Fast results
• Minimize Human Error& Contamination High Specificity & Sensitivity
• High- Accuracy (%99) Worldwide Acceptance Enzyme Include Options   

* To check for RNA quality to minimize false-negatives
* To verify the enzyme and other reagents
* Optimized primer/probe sequences to minimize false-positives
* % 100 indusitivy of pullished SARS -Cov-2- sequences in unmutated targeted regions
* Internal Control

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