Expandable Container has two rooms expanding on two long sides. When closed, it fits in the standard dimensions for transport.
These rooms are nearly 4.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide each, which makes a total of 32 m2 of total area.
Have its own generator, integrated air condition, optional medical gas.
Especially suitable for Operating Theaters, Intensive Care Units or Command Posts.

Expansion Technology can be applied to other systems like trailer to have more room after deployment.

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Turmaks Mobile Solutions Advantages

  • tailor-made design

    tailor-made design

    Turmaks creates special solutions by examining the needs and conditions with expertise on the field
  • short delivery time

    short delivery time

    Turmaks delivers systems in a very short period of time thanks to its dedicated team and manufacturing capabilities
  • affordable


    Turmaks offers best economical options to reach the areas in-need
  • short deployment time

    short deployment time

    Turmaks systems can be deployed much faster with relatively to units with same capabilities
  • easy maintenance

    easy maintenance

    Turmaks systems are designed to be maintained and checked with basic common tools
  • robust-durable


    Turmaks systems are manufactured to work in harsh conditions for a long time
  • easy disassemble-reassemble

    easy disassemble-reassemble

    Turmaks systems can be transferred to other locations when needed
  • self-sufficient systems

    self-sufficient systems

    Turmaks systems can work with its own support units and minimum basic supplies
  • transport alternatives compliant

    transport alternatives compliant

    Turmaks systems complies with freight standard to ensure transportation everywhere
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Mobile Solutions

  • Level 2+ Field Hospital

    This is the most common, optimized version of field hospitals in terms of capacity, medical capabilities for mid term use, with easy deployment.UTILIZATIONFOR Read More
  • Fast Support Hospital

    It is designed to be deployed in a short period of time. It has basic diagnostical and surgical capabilities with necessary inpatient capacity. Read More
  • One-Plus-One

    This is a very fast solution to meet the emergency surgical needs. Needing only one truck for transport, it consist of an auto-lift Read More
  • Trailer

    It is a very mobile stand-alone solution with a trailer attached on a truck. Having a standard width but length can vary 6 Read More
  • On Wheels

    This system consists of containers, units which stay on trailers or trucks, as they are transported. Generally these units are connected to each Read More
  • Prefabricated

    This is a very similar solution to commonly known prefabricated buildings. Difference comes from Turmaks' expertise in hospital and accomodation environments and more Read More
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